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Be good to each other.
The most important rule! Just because this is a horror game, doesn’t mean that it should be horrifying OOC as well. Respect each other’s boundaries - don’t thread-push, warn for triggers, etc. Any reports of harassment, personal attacks, or OOC threats will be investigated by mods, and may be cause for removal from the game.

Be open to criticism.
We expect every member of this game to have a HMD available. This can either be a post in their own journal (anon must be on, IP and comment screening must be off), or a comment on the community HMD posts, which will go up approximately every two months and be linked from the main accounts.
Respect the OOC/IC boundary.
This applies on two levels. Firstly - and very importantly in a mystery game - OOC knowledge does not equal IC knowledge. If a character in one thread finds something out, but your character wasn’t there and has no IC reason to have known about it, your character does not have the information. If the mods let something slip OOCly, but haven’t revealed it in game, your character does not have the information, and so on.

Secondly, IC character actions should not be a reflection of OOC player relationships. Don’t use your character as a mouthpiece for your OOC views; conversely, don’t assume that a character’s actions are reflective of their player’s feelings.

Plots with major effects on other characters (including mod NPCs) must be discussed with the other players before being put into play. Plots involving the whole game, especially those likely to cause major damage or change to the setting, should be discussed in the OOC comm at least two days before the plot is started, as well as cleared with the mods.

If you have a problem with the setting, the plot, or the game in general, please bring it to the mods. If you have a problem with another player, however, please try to resolve the problem amicably between you before bringing it to the mods.

Applying to Lethevale. (More information on the Applications page)
Lethevale accepts both canon and original characters, with setting-appropriate AU backstories. No AUs outside the world’s setting (CRAUs, Rule 63 AUs, etc) are allowed. The exception is human AUs of non-human characters, as all characters in Lethevale must start out human. No duplicate characters.

Reserves are not necessary for applying; however, they are available here. Reserves last for two weeks, with an option for renewal. You may renew your reserve once, adding one week to your deadline. After this limit, the character is available to anyone again.

Applications should be posted to your character’s journal, and made easily available to other players. A link to this application should then be posted in a comment on the Applications page, with the character’s name and canon in the header.

Currently, the character limit is 4 characters per person. We ask that you wait a minimum of one month between characters, to ensure that your activity is sufficient with those you have.

Open plotting threads should be posted to [community profile] lethevale_ooc. However, before posting an open plotting thread, certain types of plot must be cleared with the mods. These include:
  • Plots involving information-gathering (e.g. questioning NPCs or investigating an area more thoroughly).
  • Plots involving unexplored areas of the setting.
  • Plots involving destruction of, or major changes to, the setting.
  • Plots involving NPCs to a significant extent.
Mod plots, particularly those requiring sign-ups, will also be posted to the OOC comm.
Activity checks will be every month. Players will be expected to provide evidence of at least one post or thread in which they have contributed at least 10 comments, dated before the activity check went up. A warning list will be posted 1 week after the activity check goes up. After a further week, all non-hiatused players who have not posted to the activity check will be idled out of the game, following the protocol for drops (see below).

Players may request a strike if they have not made AC. Up to three strikes may be given before the player is idled out.

Hiatuses must be posted both on the OOC comm and on the hiatus/drops post. There is no official limit to how long you can be on hiatus: however, if the mods feel you have spent a very long time on hiatus or are using hiatus to avoid AC checks, we may talk to you about whether the game is right for you. 

Hiatuses do not require IC explanation. Your character, unless otherwise stated, will be assumed to have been in bed with a chill.
Drops and reapplications.
Drops must be posted on the OOC comm and on the hiatus/drops post. ICly, your character will by default be assumed to have simply disappeared; however, you may choose to have the character killed.

All characters can be reapplied once, by the original player. If they disappeared when you dropped them, they will return from the woods shellshocked but otherwise normal. If they died, you must take one of the death changes (see here). Reapplications will be assessed on the same criteria as first-time applications.

Please note that your character dying does not mean you have to drop them. You can take a death change without dropping, as described on the Gameplay page.

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